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Add A Photo Gallery to Your Website with ImageIsland!

Create your own personal website photo gallery with ImageIsland Professional! Our simple photo gallery software will allow you to upload, manage, and share all your images and photo galleries using your existing website and domain. With ImageIsland, you upload, store, manage and view all your website photo galleries using your existing website, free of desktop photo software, complicated open source databases, and third party photo gallery websites. Unlike most website photo gallery systems, ImageIsland is not a desktop software tool. ImageIsland is a simple folder of photo web pages and scripts you upload to your website. Unlike most open source photo gallery tools, our website photo gallery software does not use a database! So, installation is as simple as uploading a folder of files to your server.

ImageIsland comes with many new features designed to help you store all your photos online and manage your photo galleries effectively within your current website. The screenshot below shows a sample of ImageIsland's ImageManager Module, as it would appear in your web browser after installing the website software on your server.

ImageIsland Photo

The ImageManager is a website photo gallery and management system, which allows you to upload and store all your images and photo galleries inside your website, using nothing more than your web browser. With this new private photo gallery management system, you can also resize, rescale, rotate, and name your photos and images online right from your browser. On upload, ImageIsland's ImageManager even creates thumbnails of your photos for you, allowing you to organize your photo galleries more quickly using smaller versions of your uploaded images. Besides the ImageManager, ImageIsland includes many other new features, including thumbnail view, image sorting, photo webpages and galleries, image downloading, photo deleting, photo folders and groups, and more. It also comes with a complete photo security login system, so you and your users can login and manage all their photo galleries and libraries of images privately from within your website. You can also change skins, customize the homepage, the interface and more. Just check out a few of ImageIsland's additional ImageIsland Benefits and ImageIsland Features.

Create a Website Photo Gallery in Minutes!

Website Photo Gallery Software Image - ImageIsland

ImageIsland comes with a fast and efficient photo gallery system, so you can start sharing your photo gallery pages with others over the Web quickly. The new way to share images online is using simple, XHTML web pages, with simple, clickable image thumbnails displayed inside the page. ImageIsland Professional creates all these HTML photo gallery web pages for you! All you have to do is assign your photos to one of several, prebuilt photo gallery templates stored inside ImageIsland. Once you assign your photos to a photo gallery or slideshow page, you can then share that web page using your existing website, using an iframe, using email, or using a simple link to the photo gallery page itself online. All our photo galleries are designed to showcase your images in a simple, clean XHTML format, so you can be sure your viewers see your photos privately, free of advertising, and in their best light. Each page also uses a unique ID system, so only certain users can access the photo gallery page, if you desire. We include 10 gorgeous web page slideshows and photo gallery design layouts for you to choose from. Just check out the samples below:

Photo Gallery Software IconSample Photo Gallery  |  Website Photo Gallery Software IconSample Photo Gallery  |  Photo Gallery Software IconSample Photo Gallery

You can use the "homepage" of ImageIsland as your main gallery page, or add links to your photo gallery pages inside your existing website pages using frames or iframes. All our galleries are simple XHTML webpages you can link to from any existing website. We also provide a sample XHTML gallery page that's built for you using a simple iframe, and which you can paste into your website as an additional XHTML gallery page. If you decide you want to show your images via a mobile browser or handheld device, we also provide a tiny image mobile photo gallery template so even your iPhone or handheld users can see your website photos and galleries. All our galleries are 100% XHTML compliant with all the major browsers, and even older versions of browsers. All our CSS skins are completely compliant and customizeable by you, as well.

Create Photo Folders and Groups

ImageIsland Professional 3.0 now supports a powerful new photo folder tree and grouping system, so you can create folders of images right on the server. This works just like your PC folder explorer on your computer, except these folders are stored online inside your website on the server. These "photo folders" can be named and organized on the server right from your web browser, just like you would do on your personal computer or desktop. Using these image folders, you can easily add a folder of images to a photo gallery page on your website. We even include a special "group" or category system that allows you to assign photos to multiple "groups" you create in the manager. This makes managing and sharing images just as easy, if not easier, than managing them from your desktop. Why use desktop photo software when you can now do it all online and from your existing website?

Create a User Photo Gallery Portal

You may want other users to login and create their own photo galleries using your website. With ImageIsland, you have the option of creating your own Secure User Photo Website, by creating user logins inside the Security Module, allowing others to upload and manage their own private website photo galleries using your website. In this way, you can allow friends, family, or customers the ability to use your website as their personal online photo gallery system. All user access is private. This means they can only manage images they upload and photo galleries they create. As administrator, you can see everyone's images and photo galleries. With the powerful security system inside ImageIsland, you now have complete control over not only your private photos online, but also your users and the images and web galleries they store online. In this way, ImageIsland Professional is a complete online photo and user management system you can use to add value to your existing website.

Easy Website Installation

To begin using ImageIsland Professional, just simply upload the "ImageIsland" folder to a website folder on your web server*. All it requires is a Window-based web server and a few permissions. No database, plugins, or special COM objects to install. When uploaded to you server, ImageIsland does not affect your current web site pages or database. No desktop software required. No database to install. No plugins required. It's ASP and ASP.NET pages and scripts are supported out-of-the-box in your Windows server and site. Once installed, you can begin managing photos and galleries immediately online. Best of all, because our software does not use a database, you can move your photo gallery with you as your website needs change over the years. Its fully portable!

Additional Benefits, Features, and Screenshots

ImageIsland Photo Gallery Software has lots of other great benefits and features. We also have a lot of sample screenshots and a live demo of the full product online. Or, click the links below to read more:

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* Web Server Requirements: Must use Windows Server 2000, 2003, or 2008. Full read/write permissions required. Must enable ASP 3.0 and ASP.NET, version 1.1 or later. See Requirements.