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ImageIsle 1.0 is our FREEWARE version of ImageIsland 3.0. It allows you to manage images and photos from within your current website and web server. ImageIsle is designed for the website owner who wants to quickly and easily upload photos to their own website using a web browser, then share them with others online.

Download ImageIsle Freeware

ImageIsle Freeware 1.0 is available for download to your computer by clicking our download link below. Simply download the compressed ZIP to your Windows PC, uncompress it and save the folder called "ImageIsle" to your desktop. Then, simply upload the folder and its web pages to your web server and begin using the software instantly from your existing website.

ImageIsle Freeware 1.0 comes with the ImageManager and the ImageViewer Modules only. You are allowed five ImageView pages only in the freeware version. As such, it allows you to manage photos just like ImageIsland, but with less functionality included. ImageIsle is a simple web-based photo management web application, that like ImageIsland, allows you to upload JPG's, GIF's, PNG's, and BMP images to your website and manage them online using your web browser. It is built and designed for the home user who wants to quickly and easily upload photos to their own website. ImageIsle does not come with many of the other great features added to ImageIsland 3.0, including user-based security, unlimited ImageWebPages, etc. But if you want to test out our product on your website, this product will get you started.

Only the following Modules and Skins are supported in ImageIsle 1.0:

  • ImageManager - Central digital photo repository or library. Allows you to upload, edit, delete, and organize your photos.
  • ImageViewer - Tool for sharing your photos with others using simple image view web pages. You assign images to these pages. Comes with handy email view page sender as well. Note: Only five image view pages are allowed in the free version.
  • PlainWhite - basic skin included
  • WhitePacific - basic skin included

ImageIsle is very easy to install. There is no database setup, no SQL scripts to run, no complicated interface to learn, no desktop software to download, no login registrations, no trial keys to type, no advertisements to read, no foreign url's to view, and no third party plugins to install in order to use ImageIsle.

* Web Server Requirements: Must use Windows Server 2000, 2003, or 2008. Full read/write permissions required. Must enable ASP 3.0 and ASP.NET, version 1.1 or later. See our ImageIsland 3.0 Requirements for more information on setting up ImageIsle on your website and server.

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