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Upload Video to your Website

Uploading videos to your website is easy with VideoIsland 2.0. All you need to upload videos, film clips, and movies is a web browser and VideoIsland setup in your website! VideoIsland supports all kinds of video uploads, including Windows Media Video, QuickTime, RealMedia, Flash Video, Flash Shockwave and many others. So, you can be sure, when you upload videos to your website, they will play online. Unlike many of the other online video products, VideoIsland does not create HTML pages of videos you then must post to your server. Nor does VideoIsland "convert" videos to Flash Video when you upload video to your site, nor any other format. It supports your native video as you encoded it. Because VideoIsland supports and plays over 6 major video formats using the popular media players, you can be sure our web product uploads and stores all your video in the format you saved them in. In addition, our uploader does not require any additional setup, plugins, desktop software, COM objects, JAVA Applets, databases, or anything else to function. It uses simple web scripts built right into the web page. This means you and your users can start uploading your movies quickly!

Upload Video Page - screenshot

After installing VideoIsland on your web server and setting up all server requirements*, you can simply open up the VideoManager area, click "Upload", and begin uploading videos, film clips and movies right away. VideoIsland supports a unique upload website technology that allow your uploads page to display a handy little loading bar. As you upload videos to your web server and website, the loading bar allows you to track the process of uploading video to the server. For larger videos, this is especially helpful when adding videos to your website.

After upload is complete, the uploads web page shows you a clickable preview of all your videos. You can simply click a preview in the listing to see what was uploaded to your website.

Allow Users to Upload Video

With VideoIsland, you can also add the ability for other users to upload video to your website. You can even allow your customers to login to VideoIsland, and using their web browser of choice, upload videos, film and movies without your help. Using the Security feature in VideoIsland, it's simple to add a new user, create a username/password, then assign the user to the VideoManager Module. Simply email your new user their credentials and in no time they too can log into your website, and begin uploading video to your site. This saves you time trying to get CD's of video from customers or movies to your server and site. After uploading, your users can manage and share all their video securely from the VideoManager, just like you. As the site Administrator, you can simply login and see their videos in your VideoManager. Note: Users cannot see or change anyone elses videos, using their login credentials. But, the Administrator can review all movies after they are uploaded to your site.

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* Web Server Requirements: Must use Windows Server 2000, 2003, or 2008. Full read/write permissions required. Must enable ASP 3.0 and ASP.NET, version 1.1 or later. See Requirements.